Helping 2 Move – Moving Service for Small Moves

Whether you are looking to book a moving service to move your small load or a few pieces of furniture, without thinking twice contact us at We specialize in small moves and we will help you in moving the small load at the best prices anywhere in London.

We have been helping the people with our well-trained and professional team members for 10+ years. Our rates will completely depend upon the actual inventory. So, you will pay only for what you are moving within the given time.

What is Small Move?

A small move involves moving from one apartment or flat to another with items less than or approximately 2000 pounds. Moving loads more than 2000 pounds are considered large moves.

To book a small move anywhere in London, it is better to hire a one-man with van service from our reputable company.

Services included in Small Move

Following are the reliable services that are included in a moving service for small items:

  • Moving a small office store or office.
  • Moving to a local college or university.
  • Helping your family members or friends in shifting their flats or apartments.
  • Moving some pieces of your furniture.
  • Sending small goods to family members or friends.

What are the examples of the small move?

Some main examples of the small movements are detailed below:

  • Flat or Studio Move

If you are moving to a flat or a nearby studio, then it is included in the small move.

Moving to a small flat or apartment usually includes moving a few pieces of furniture and other boxes of small goods. All of this can be done simply by hiring a one man and a van moving service from our reliable removal company,

  • Moving only Special Items

Sometimes, small moves also include moving only one or more special large items from one place to the other within the current state.

These items are normally moved separately from the basic house items. Some major examples of these special items include an appliance, a pool table, and a piano, etc.

  • Student Move

While moving your home for the very first time can be overwhelming but the number of goods shouldn’t be. A college room or student move is the perfect example of a small move.

While moving to a college, there is no need to worry about packing the kitchen appliances or bookshelf. Because most of the college dorm rooms come furnished with comfortable beds and basic kitchen appliances.

Students only have to bring their important small items such as bedding, basic college supplies, and clothes.

Different Ways to Handle a Moving Service for Small Moves

Some of the different ways to handle the moving service for small items are detailed below:

1.   Renting a Moving Container

Renting a small moving container could be the best option to handle a small move at a reasonable price. If you want to move your goods and other small items to a small apartment, then the typical size moving container should be perfect enough to move all items.

2.   Moving by using a Car

In most cases, a college dorm room requires only move a carload of belongings. And if a simple move can be completed by transporting items by using the car, then we recommend trying this easy method to move small items.

3.   Hiring a Moving Company

The simple and easiest way to handle a small move is by hiring a professional and reliable moving services provider. They will quickly perform the heavy lifting for you and will move all of your small items to the desired destination safely and damage-free.

Also, for assistance moving anyone or more large items anywhere in London, you can hire us at one single call. We will move both small and large items to the desired location within the given time.

Why choose Helping2Move for moving small items?

Our company is one of the finest removal services providers in London. We always aim to make the small move process simpler and easier.

Our company is recognized as the professional moving company for the below reasons:

  • Well-Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Safe and Reliable Transportation
  • Cheap and Economical Rates
  • Friendly and Efficient Drivers
  • 24/7 Availability of Man with a Van Service


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