5 Tips for Safe Residential Moving During Covid-19 Global Pandemic

 The world has become quite unpredictable because of the coronavirus outbreak. We can’t think of anything that’s not been affected by the covid-19 at least at some level. Amidst all the chaos, health specialists don’t recommend going for a move unless it is absolutely essential.

If you have already planned your move and you have a specific moving date in mind, then there are certain things you need to do for a safe moving experience during COVID-19. Here are some essential tips that you need to keep in mind to ensure a safe move for yourself and your family during covid-19.

  1. Hire a Reputable Moving Company

You need to look for reputable moving companies in your area. You need to ask them the steps they are taking to ensure a safe moving experience during covid-19. You need to ask them about their entire moving policy that they are following during the coronavirus. After that, if things seem fine to you, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Get Quotes Virtually

You need to virtually get quotes from a moving company. Contact their virtual help desk or go through virtual surveys if a company offers that facility to you. The point is to avoid in-person contact to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Contact 3 to 4 companies to get an idea about the average moving quotes for your place.

  1. Maintain Social Distancing

Once you have hired service and they arrive at your place for moving, you need to strictly stick to the recommended social distancing standards. Although most moving services in London follow the covid-19 prevention guidelines, you need to stay away from the people packing and moving your stuff (at least 6 feet). Keep hand sanitizers close by and remind the staff to clean their hands.

  1. Pack Intimate/Frequently Used Items Yourself

Although you have hired the moving service to do the packing for you, there are certain items that you should pack yourself. It is for your own safety. For example, it is recommended that you pack your clothes and the items that you often use, by yourself.

  1. Disinfect Your New Place

When you arrive at your new place, make sure to clean and disinfect it. No matter how clean it may seem to you, you can’t afford to take any kind of risk. Completely sanitize the entire place before you settle in and unpack your stuff. This will give you peace of mind and you’d feel a lot more confident about settling in the new environment.

Wrapping Up

Moving during the covid-19 outbreak will require you to be way more careful than you usually are when doing a residential move. Aside from hiring a professional moving company, you need to make sure that you manage things well at your end. Adherence to covid-19 standards both by your hired company and you are the only way to ensure that you have a safe and sound moving experience.



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