Transportation Services for One Item

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Are you looking to move a single item out of your house with just a small amount?

We all know that few things are very delicate and expensive they require special care and essential tools to move around. Moving it at your own risk can be dangerous as well as a costly decision, hence it’s ideal to hire a specialized professional Transportation service for one item, they will make the transportation process smooth and just charge you for a single item.

There are some companies like helping2move, etc, these companies specialize in handling the transportation process of one item such as a Piano, large sofa, TV, or anything. Usually moving one item isn’t as difficult as shifting the entire house, most people do it themselves but how would you know that is your item easy to move or requires special care?

To find this out let’s consider few things as given below

When to hire professionals to move one item?

When a single item you are looking to move around your house or to a new location you might need someone’s help including

  • The item is heavy
  • Extremely fragile
  • In an awkward shape
  • Extremely valuable
  • Need special equipment to move
  • Doors are too small
  • Your house stairs are too steep
  • You may need to hire a truck or van to transport it at long distances

These are few occasions when most of us need the help of others, and hiring a professional to do the job can be the best bet at this time, Yet it just seems like moving one item.

Benefits of hiring professional to move one item

One item movers specialize in handling all these small tasks quite smoothly, for them it seems like a piece of bread and butter.

  • These professionals are backed up with wide experience
  • Expert skills
  • Necessary equipment and resources
  • Transport vehicle
  • Manpower
  • Area and surrounding knowledge
  • Insurance and guarantee that no usual person can offer for moving one item

Here, you might be thinking that how much a professional mover company will charge for one item?

So let’s find out

How much it costs to hire a mover for one item?

Usually, professional movers for one item are smaller than regular movers they operate at a small level with a minimum workforce and they are flexible as well as cheaper than usual ones.

Transportation prices may vary depending on factors like the

  • Weight of the object
  • Size of your home
  • Number of floors
  • How far you need to go?
  • How many hours?
  • Weekends or peak season rates are usually high
  • How much manpower is required?
  • Does it require any special equipment?
  • What kind of vehicle does it require?

Usually, 1 or 2 movers charge $50-$100 per hour for moving an item this may or may not include a moving trolley.


Whether you are moving one item or the entire house to a new location you need help from others, Small items can be packed and moved by ourselves, but if the item is delicate, large, or expensive the best bet is to hire professionals to deal it with care.

Transportation professionals are well experienced, have the necessary tools and resources to complete the job while charging a small amount for a single item. The only trick is to hire the best professionals that meet your budget and requirements.